The famous Greek Zeibekiko dance

The famous Greek zeibekiko dance

It is the “lonely mourning” dance, a dance with no steps but with extremely intense emotions and feelings that the dancer should understand, respect and express in a restricted space. The hands are usually open symbolizing the wings of an eagle, the freedom from all pain and worries. In the early years Zeibekiko expressed the unfulfilled expectations, the despair in life, the dream that never came true, the pain that comes from within and it was the dancing “expression of defeat”.

It is never danced as a show off, only as an expression of feelings. When all problems surface they can be tamed only with a Zeibekiko! The dancer has no fear to reveal his pain and his weakness at that very moment. The lyrics express in a way his personal experiences, therefore the dancer carefully chooses the song and then improvises the steps with dignity and respect.

Although in older times the dance was danced by a pair, it has been evolved a solo dance strictly masculine and is considered inzeibekiko some cases offensive to be interrupted by another dancer. Traditionally, applause was not sought nor commonly given by spectators out of respect to the dancer, but lately it is a common reaction by the close friends of the dancer to make a circle around him and applause.

In recent years zeibekiko has adopted many parts of the modern lifestyle and became more popular among the people. Women dance it too and sometimes dancers are performing feats such as dancing around a glass of wine or a chair, or picking up a table with their teeth.

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15 Mar 2017

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