As Greek As It Gets


We are a small restaurant in the country and all food is prepared as you order, in a kitchen the size of your 4×4. Kindly give us time to do your food properly. We will endeavour to have your meal ready in 40 minutes but sometimes it may take longer. We are not Spur or Wimpy so are not geared for fast food. We do not have space or electrical power for walk-in fridges. The house was built in 1905 so kitchen equipment is limited. We have 2 dish washers, Cathrine and Anna. The Meze Menu is a good intro to Greek food It is a complete meal and great for sharing with family and friends. Main meal portions are generous and if possible will be tweaked slightly to suit patrons. However we will not tolerate anyone trying to redo the whole menu. The wine list is interesting and complete We do not have Graca or any other wine not on the wine list. A gratuity of 10% is the norm and will be added automatically to tables of 8 or more. I like to feed the children first Being Greek,”as Greek as it Gets” is kiddie friendly. Please call me if you have children, and then we can work out a menu together to make them happy. Kick back, enjoy the outing and feel free to call me to help with your choice of food or if you are unhappy with the service or the food is not what you expected. Where the complaints are valid I will bend over backwards (not literally) - Stavros Vladislavic’ (Chef Patron)


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