Loukas Jeans


Loukas, with his engineering background, always was an artist at heart. Throughout his career in the fashion world, he has moved up from cleaning boy to head creator and owner of LoukasJeans. It was in the summer of 1989, at the age of ten, that he first sat down on a sewing machine. His parents were sewing home workers, and Loukas and his sister would do odd end jobs to help their parents. That summer vacation was on the verge of being cancelled since his parents production was running late. Loukas would not have that and sat on the overlook machine one night while his parents were out and tried assembling the side seems under his grandma’s supervision. “Watch out not to cut your fingers” warned his grandma and sister. But Loukas felt confident: he had seen his father do this operation many times. Well after an hour, he had two pairs somewhat done. The next day, impressed from his motivation to learn, his parents slowly taught him the way to assemble a garment. Oh, and the vacation to Wildwood that year was great! His parents went later on to acquire a factory facility in which Loukas spent his spare time and summer learning the ropes of the industry. It was there that he got the fashion bug. His parents, however, wanted him to get an education in order not to “work like they did." So, he did, but not in fashion, but in engineering, in order to better understand the process of developing and creating a garment. With his years of hands on experience, his engineering background, and his passion for fashion, he brings to you LoukasJeans: a young boy’s dream to one day design and own his own brand. Enjoy the journey, and let the good times roll.


228 Avenue Fairmount O
Montreal QC H2V 4K2

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