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OKIRÒI Mythical skincare for divine beauty From the homeland of the mythical nine Muses, we bring the richest source of therapeutic and great anti-oxidant properties. Among the Pieria, residency of the mythical Nine Muses, and Hashia the legendary mountain, opposite Mount Olympus, there is a plateau that hosts more than one hundred donkeys. In a protected area, with chestnuts, pines, firs and oaks, the little donkeys live each day in the most pure and natural conditions, eating most of the time, weeds and wildflowers of the rich Greek nature. In return, they offer us back their milk, the basic element of the unique skincare line OKIRÒI. These skincare products with moisturising, healing and anti-oxidant qualities, “borrowed” their name from the mythological figure OKIRÒI, who was the daughter of the wise teacher, warrior and healer centaur Chiron, and heiress to his therapeutic wisdom. Mythical yet tragic figure, OKIRÒI, according to the myth, denied the love of God Apollo, who then transformed her into a mare or donkey. We have chosen this symbolic name for our skincare products, as it perfectly attributes the therapeutic and cosmetic power of the Mediterranean donkey milk that will change the perception of skincare and beauty as you know it. We are committed to using natural ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy- first and foremost donkey milk as well as other super anti-oxidant ingredients.


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